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Feedback and Inquiries

Feedback and Inquiries

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Has anyone else had problems with Joseph william Champlin at gopheryourpet. I bought a carpet python from him, he cashed in the credit card and promised for weeks he was going to send it to me, but he never did. Now he has the money and I got nothing.

All my posts, photos, albums and groups joined further back than six days ago are gone! Where's my stuff? I've been active on here for a while. ☹️ #techissues #help

Any time I try to posts in groups with Text + Picture, it gives me "Your post content cannot be empty" when I try to post.

Anyone else with that issue?

I just found the Add Family feature. Cool! But I went to add my husband and .. what! No spouses? 🤔 I hope you add them soon!

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